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REM Management


Consortium REMTECHSTROY GROUP is a 100 % private engineering union consisting of specifalized member shareholder companies.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Eng. Doychin Nikov – Executive Director of consortium REMTECHSTROY GROUP as of 01.01.2007, Member of the Board of the directors.

Board of the directors

Board of the directors consists of (4) members, elected by the General meeting of the shareholders.

The Board members are elected for a term of three years as of the date of the General meeting, having elected the members. The members can be re – elected under certain conditions.

The Board of the directors manages, plans and determines the general policy of the strategic development of the group of companies and production expenses of the union in Bulgaria and abroad. As per the statute of the Board of the directors by 30.12.2020, it has been composed of:

1) Dr. Eng. Borislav Nikov, Chairman, Technical Director, Executive member

2) Dr. Eng. Doychin Nikov, Executive Director, Executive member

3) Prof. Dr. tech. sc. Eng. Nikolay Nikov, Executive member

4) Dr. Anton Tanev, Executive member


The current mandate of the Board of the directors will end on 30.12.2021 and will be automatically extended until the convening of the ordinary annual meeting of the shareholders during the first six months of 2022.